Our Story

Gifts – an integral part of all Indian celebrations, customs, and rituals. Be it a marriage or a baby
shower, gifts, whether for gifting or as return favors, are very basic to the core of celebrations.
Understanding the importance that gifts and gifting items hold, Mrs. Tanya Arora, began her journey
of Wrapping Studios in 2018. With her out-of-the-box entrepreneur approach and unparalleled
creative skills, took Wrapping Studios to new heights with every passing day!
Like fashion, gifts also change every season! Just like any other trend, gifts and gifting items also
keep changing with time and season. That is why, and that is how we began the venture of Wrapping
Studio as a storehouse of scintillating products catering hand-poured candles, handmade soaps, and
We started our journey by decorating many events with our hand-poured candles and also gained an
appreciation for our handmade natural soaps. With more love and positive reviews from our clients.
We started catering to international requests as well.
And, thus came our website into existence. It has been a wonderful year of gratitude love and trust
that our customers placed in us. With their ardent request, we began our website, to showcase the
different kinds of products and services available for you, all the collections, and the different
categories and occasions we cater to. Also, owing to growing demand, we started customizing the
products and hampers with an option of doorstep delivery.
After catering to our Indian clients successfully, we are now aiming to make the different arts for
gifting popular genres internationally! And that is why we are also available on
“goforWorldbusiness.com”. To serve you better you can choose from our vast variety listed in our
catalog where you can find our product description, material & photos which will provide detailing!
We wish to revolutionize the entire industry of gifting, wrapping, and designing hampers with our
innovative styles! Wrapping Studios began as a simple indigenous creative venture for decorative
wrapping. Today we can proudly say, that, with a dedicated team we have now evolved and become
one of the best in decorative gifting and wrapping – globally!
We work very sincerely to satisfy our clients, and that is why we go beyond just business – we build
relationships! Because we know, one satisfied client means more engaged clients! So come, take a
tour of all our products and services, place your order and call us or mail us for any query or
booking!Wrapping studio ….. as the name indicates, is a venture undertaken by budding entrepreneur Mrs.
Tanya Arora, which offers online and offline products with its store located at Faridabad!
Wrapping Studios as the name indicates began as a venture for wrapping gifts – differently,
uniquely! As Mrs. Tanya puts it, ‘’Every occasion has a special place in our lives. 

Similarly, every gift associated with it should also be equally special to keep it etched in our memories forever”
This is what drove her and inspired her to make beautiful Wrapped Gifts
Wrapping Studio offers you a variety of top-of-the-line products to choose from to include in Luxury
Hampers.! It is a hamper that oozes out luxury…. Just the sight of the items in it……. Pampers you!
The Luxury hampers are actually made with the most luxurious and best of products! The best part
is, the client has the option to get it customized as per choice and budget!

Wedding Favors
Wrapping Studio offers you a wide range of hand-poured candles and hand-made natural soaps to
be wrapped in amazingly unique styles as a return gesture for your guests who attended the
wedding! Gift your guests return favors in the best of style and quality.

Corporate Gifting
When it comes to corporate Gifting Wrapping Studios has curated the best of hand-poured candles,
pot Pourris and more utility and decorative items which make a beautiful hamper to gift your
employees or colleagues in general or to celebrate an occasion.

Trousseau Packing
For a bride, a wedding goes beyond the happiness of a wedding! Her whole life changes! With the
Wrapping Studio Tresseou packing we pack a little bit of that happiness and warmth that she can
reach out to, every time she needs to feel the love of her family! And, of course, the first impression
is the last impression! A rightly done trousseau packing goes a long way in making an impression for
the bride and her family in her new family, that is why we pay attention to detail for every aspect of
the packing, from beginning till delivery!

Scented Candles
A good fragrance makes a great start to the day! Keeping in line with this idea, Wrapping Studio
brings you the best of hand-poured scented candles which fill your space with a beautiful fragrance.
Nowadays we all have to face a lot of stress, personal, work or even with the terrible traffic on
roads! Sandalwood, Lavender, Lemongrass and more, help to relax your senses and calm down your
nerves. Choose from the wide variety of candles of different candles ranging from gel candles,
paraffin candles, soy candles, wax blend candles, scented candles decorated candles
Handmade Soaps
Pamper yourself with the best of hand-poured soaps. Not only do they contain the right ingredients
to keep your skin fresh and supple but also give you a refreshing feeling every time you use them!

And, most importantly, they make an excellent gifting choice! Besides, you get to choose from –
glycerine soaps, natural soaps, flavored soaps.
At Wrapping Studios, you can choose the items you want to put in a hamper to design your return
favors by blending and combining the best of items as per your budget and occasion. All you need to
do is choose, and we are always there to help with our expertise, creativity to customize the
hampers and bring your ideas to life!
Browse through our exclusive collections to order the beautiful hampers or get them designed as per
your requirement.
We understand how important a day or an occasion is, and we strive to make it an unforgivable
memory for you with our best-in-category products and attention to the slightest detail.

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